Madhya Pradesh(MP) Assembly election 2018- Date, Schedule & Notification

Madhya Pradesh(MP) Assembly election 2018 Date, Schedule & Notification: As the election is coming near in the state, the state’s atmosphere is getting hot. All political parties are attracting people to their party with a variety of promises for the MP Assembly election 2018. After the recent by-elections by 4 Lok Sabha. And 10 assembly seats, the preparations for the next elections in the country have started now. Legislative elections were held in Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Karnataka this year. While in some states there are still elections going to be held.

Madhya Pradesh(MP) Assembly election 2018

There will be Assembly Elections in Madhya Pradesh later this year. The next year is very important for elections because next year’s are not just general elections but there are assembly elections in many states too. Elections in many states in the first quarter of this year were concluded. The election was held on February 18 for the 59 Assembly seats in Tripura. Elections were held on 27th February in Meghalaya and February 27 in Nagaland.

MP Assembly election 2018 Date

After this, the next assembly elections took place on May 12 in Karnataka. This year, there are four more elections left in the state. This sequence of elections will start from Mizoram and finish from Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018. Shivraj Singh Chauhan will fight for his fourth term in Madhya Pradesh, considered to be among the BJP’s strongest states. Madhya Pradesh has 230 seats in the assembly.

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Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018 Notification

Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia will be the face of Congress chief minister in the Madhya Pradesh assembly Elections 2018. For the first time the Congress, decided to take the youth of the new generation to the ground. The most interesting thing about this matter is that the 46-year-old Congress leader led by the Congress led by Kamal Nath, who has been associated with Madhya Pradesh, has said that he will contest the assembly elections.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh has already offered Scindia to make the Chief Minister’s face in the Madhya Pradesh 2018 Assembly Elections. On the other hand, Kamal Nath, who had been eyeing the leader of the Congress group in the Lok Sabha, was upset that Rahul Gandhi has ignored his seniority, but now his anger is over after he is made in charge of Haryana and being general secretary.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018 Summary

Events Details
Name of the Election Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018
Election Authority Election Commission of India
Location Madhya Pradesh
Type of Election Assembly Election
Post Category Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018 Date & Schedule
Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018 Date Released 
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Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018 Date

Assembly elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh and repeatedly factionalism appears in Congress. Jayawardhan believes that the party is united under the leadership of Kamal Nath. ECI is working on Date of the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections 2018. They believe that removing factionalism is a big challenge for the Congress. Even then it has been said that the work has been done to unite the party in the past few months, in which state President Jyotiraditya Scindia and the Digvijay Singh has worked hard and is doing even further.

MP Assembly Election 2018 important Dates

Sr. No MP Assembly Election 2018 Date & Schedule Date
1 MP Assembly Elections 2018 Notification 6th October 2018
2 Start date of nominations Submission
3 Last date of Nominations filling 9th November 2018
4 Nominations withdrawal date 14th November 2018
5 MP Assembly Election 2018 Polling date 28th November 2018
6 MP Assembly Election 2018 Polling hours
7 MP Assembly Election 2018 Vote Counting date  11th December 2018
8 MP Assembly Election 2018 Result date 11th December 2018

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018 Schedule

Political parties have waited for Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections to be held later this year. Both the BJP and the BJP have gathered in the preparations for the elections. Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha 2018 Schedule will be declared soon. The Congress and the BJP have started preparing for Cyber ​​War to overcome each other in the election board. Congress has named its social media team ‘Rajiv’s soldier’, then the BJP has created a team of ‘Cyber ​​Warriors’.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2018 Latest News

The Madhya Pradesh Congress has created around 4000 Rajiv soldiers. They are being prepared to answer the cyber attack of BJP.  Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election 2018 date will be announced soon. Congress IT cell charge said that about 5 thousand people will be linked to IT cell. Then the training camp will be organized from June 25. In which training will be given to ‘Rajeev’s soldiers’ to connect the youth with Congress ideologues and policies.

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According to the Madhya Pradesh MLA elections 2018 Latest News State Chairmen of IT cell. B0th political parties said that their aim is to connect more and more people to the party through social media’s Facebook, Twitter etc. platform. People will also be connected to the party through whatsapp. According to the charge of BJP IT cell, WhatsApp is an effective weapon to deliver messages to the people of the villages.

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