One Nation One Election Advantages, “One India One Election” Advantages

One Nation One Election Advantages | One India One Election Advantages: According to the estimates of the Center for Media Studies, about 30,000 crore rupees spent on the Lok Sabha elections. All the states are spending about Rs 4,500 crore on the assembly elections.

One Nation One Election Advantages

After independence, the elections of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies took place in the early years. However, there was no constitutional obligation for this. But as a convenience, elections were held for the assembly of the states as well as the first general elections of 1952.

For nearly 15 years, the elections for the Legislative Assembly went on with the Lok Sabha elections but later this cycle got disturbed. Because in some states a party did not get a majority due to political instability and some governments fell before the end of their term. Now that there is a talk of taking both the elections together again, it is relevant to understand its benefits:

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One Nation One Election Advantages

One Nation One Election Advantages List

1. Political Stability- The biggest advantage of One Nation One Election is being said that it will lead to political stability. Because if any government falls in the state even before the end of the term or if no party gets a full majority after the election, elections will not be held in the foreseeable place but in the earlier period. This will maintain the political stability there.

For five years, no state has to wait for the formation of its assembly, it is being suggested that elections will be held twice in two and a half years intervals. The assembly of half the states will be held with the Lok Sabha and after two and a half years after the rest of the states.

If there is a political crisis in the middle and if elections are needed, then the next election will be with a two-and-a-half year cycle. In 1999, the Law Commission had recommended the political stability to base both the elections together in its 117th report.

2. Reduction in the election expenses and other resources- The biggest argument in favor of One Nation One Election is being given that it will save substantially in the election expenditure. It is being said by the central government that saving both the elections together will save about Rs 4,500 crore. The point of saving is also being done at many levels. If both elections are simultaneously, then the task of the government will be largely in one expense.

He will not have to make separate elections and take security measures. Both the elections will be held in the system of one time and this will save resources greatly. Instead of using the security forces as often in the election process, they will be able to better manage them where they need more.

If elections are held simultaneously then political parties will also have to spend less money on every level compared to two different elections. Star campaigners of these parties will be able to campaign for both elections from the same assembly. From helicopter to meetings, Marketing, Advertisement and many types of expenses will be reduced.

3. Low barriers to common life -Whenever elections are held, common life is affected. Election rallies have an impact on traffic. Due to many types of security restrictions, common people also have to face difficulties. In such a situation, instead of repeated elections, if both elections are held at one time, One India One Election is very advantageous as such problems will be reduced and there will be relatively few obstacles in common life.

4. Facility to Administration: There is also talk of administrative facilities at several levels due to the election. The Model Code of Conduct is imposed at different times due to the different elections. This is because many decisions related to development can not be made. This also causes problems due to various other tasks at the government level.

So in the behalf of all the above facts we suppose that “One India One Election” is a good approach for the new India and One Nation One Election Advantages are huge. You Can also put your ideas or views on Advantages of One India One Election through Comment Box.

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According to the experts, taking the election of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly together will reduce the inconvenience caused by the elections at the administrative level and the government will be able to work effectively and efficiently.

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