One Nation One Election Disadvantages, “One India One Election” Disadvantages

One Nation One Election Disadvantages: One India-One election This is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea. This means that the elections of the Lok Sabha and all the assemblies will be done together. President Ramnath Kovind also expressed this idea while addressing both the Houses of Parliament. His argument was that the cost would be less.

One Nation One Election Disadvantages

He said in Parliament, There is concern about the continuous election economy and the adverse effect of development on any part of the country,Therefore, discussion and dialogue should be discussed on the issue of holding elections together and all the political parties Should be agreed between.

Experts say that the dream of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘One India One Election’ can be realized, but it will take time, Because many Political Parties are still disagree with the Concept of “एक देश-एक चुनाव”.

According to one of the political analyst, One Nation One Election is not possible without consensus. He said, “It is right that the Prime Minister has been advocating for a long time that both the elections are together because it benefits the country, it will have a positive effect on development and also the spending will be cut for Indian Political parties. But I do not think it would be possible without a political consensus. “

एक राष्ट्र -एक  चुनाव कराने से नुकसान भी  हैं और फायदे भी हैं, प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी  ‘One Nation-One Election‘ के पक्षधर  हैं, बाकि और काफी पोलिटिकल पार्टियाँ इसके पक्ष में नही हें | इस आर्टिकल में हमने ‘One Nation One Election Disadvantages’ का यहाँ जिक्र किया हैं | धन्यवाद्!

One Nation One Election Disadvantages

List of Disadvantages of One Nation One Election

1. Reduce public accountability- Democracy is called public rule. In such a way, the manner in which parliamentary system has been adopted in India, different elections at different times, in a way, force people’s representatives to remain consistently accountable among the people. Reducing of  public accountability is the main disadvantages of One Nation One Election No party or leader, after winning an election, could not work due to being autocrat that he has to face any election at short intervals.

According to the experts, if both the elections are held in such a situation, then this curse will be removed from the politicians and the parties. Once the elections are held, they will be comfortable with any accountability for the public for five years. That’s why many people are feared to lose accountability to governments, parties and leaders of the public due to the election together.

2. National agenda dominance on regional agenda- There is a major disadvantages of 1 nation 1 election is that national agenda may be dominated by regional agenda. The situation is that the issues of Lok Sabha elections are different. The issues of national importance are given more attention while voting and voting. At the same time regional issues dominate the assembly elections. The entire election campaign revolves around these issues.

In such cases, the elections of Lok Sabha 2019 and the Legislative Assemblies Elections 2018 are held simultaneously, it will be feared that regional issues may not be lost. In such a scenario, they would like to have a kind of campaign to run national elections at the national level so that the entire campaign is effective everywhere. It would be difficult to create space for regional issues.

3. Crisis for regional parties- Many people are also convincing that One Nation One Election may create difficulties for regional parties and the new electoral system may be more favorable for the national parties. In this case, the diversity of political parties can be reduced.

Generally, the regional parties in the states stand according to the specific needs of the people.In such a situation, if the regional parties are weak then local issues will reduce the chances of getting priority in the new system.

The second crisis will be in front of regional parties is of resources they will take to run their election campaign nationally. Because of this, there will be an impact on the capacity of the regional parties to compete with the national parties somewhere.

4. Entire election campaign can be centered around that person- There is also a disadvantage of ek desh ek chunav. Due to the election of 2019 Lok Sabha, national parties can go to the polls by declaring a candidate for the post of prime minister, and in such a case, the entire election campaign can be centered around that person.

But if the assembly elections 2018 are held with the Lok Sabha elections 2019, the effect of such election campaign will also be on the voting of the assembly elections and in these elections, the polarization of voters can also be person centric. According to experts, it is possible that in the favor of the party, the people who are looking for the Prime Minister post, they also vote for assembly elections.

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फ़िलहाल तो ये कह पाना बहुत मुशकिल होगा कि “एक देश-एक चुनाव” लागु होगा या नही, क्योंकि बीजेपी, समाजवादी पार्टी आदि कुछ पार्टियों ने तो इसका समर्थन किया ह जबकि अन्य राजनैतिक पार्टियों जैसे कोंग्रेस, आप इन्होने इसका विरोध किया हें |

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