Total Lok Sabha seats in India “State wise” 2019 –

Total Lok Sabha seats in India State wise 2019 – Each state of India receives its members from the Lok Sabha on the basis of its population. It is currently based on the population of 1971. Next time the number of members of the Lok Sabha will be determined in year 2026. Data of Total Number of Lok Sabha seats in India(State wise) will be posted. Prior to this, the members were fixed on the basis of the census of each decade. This work was done from the 84th Constitution Amendment (2001) so that the state does not try to get maximum space based on its population.

Total Lok Sabha seats in India(state wise)

According to the number of seats distributed in accordance with the population of the states in the present context, the representation of North India is much less than that in South India.

Check Total number of Lok Sabha seats in India in 2019 from here. Whereas the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Whose combined population is only 21% of the country’s population, have been allocated 129 Lok Sabha seats. While the most populous Hindi-speaking states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Whose combined population is 25.1% of the country’s population accounts only 120 seats.

Total Lok Sabha Seats in India

Currently, the membership of the House is 545, by joining two nominated members of the President and the Anglo-Indian community. Be ready for Total Lok Sabha MP seats in India(State wise) Lok Sabha seats are divided between 29 states and 7 union territories as follows.

State wise MP seats in India For 2019 Lok Sabha Election

Events Details
Name of the Election Lok Sabha Election 2019
Election Authority Election Commission of India
Location All India
Type of Election Lok Sabha Election
Post Category Total Lok Sabha seats in India
Data of State wise MP seats Available
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Tenure of Lok Sabha if not dissolved before time, the tenure of the Lok Sabha takes place from the first meeting to the next five years, after which it is automatically dissolved. State wise MP seats in Indian election 2019 will be presented here. If the Emergency is declared during the tenure of the Lok Sabha, then Parliament has the right to extend its term by law to maximum one year at a time, while in the event of the declaration of emergency, Can not be extended beyond

State wise Lok Sabha(MP) seats in India

Special powers of the Lok Sabha are the Council of Ministers is only liable to the Lok Sabha. The confidence motion can only be brought against the government here. We will post State wise MP seats 2019 elections in India here. It is a decisive house in passing the money bill. The proposal to continue the national emergency will only be brought in the Lok Sabha and passed.

Maximum Strength – 552 | Actual Strength – 545

Maximum Seats – Uttar Pradesh(80), Maharashtra(48), Delhi(7) – UT

List of Number of Lok Sabha Seats in India State wise

Sr. No Name of the States/ UTs Lok Sabha Seats
1 Andhra Pradesh 25
2 Arunachal Pradesh 2
3 Assam 14
4 Bihar 40
5 Chhattisgarh 11
6 Goa 2
7 Gujarat 26
8 Haryana 10
9 Himachal Pradesh 4
10 Jammu and Kashmir 6
11 Jharkhand 14
12 Karnataka 28
13 Kerala 20
14 Madhya Pradesh 29
15 Maharashtra 48
16 Manipur 2
17 Meghalaya 2
18 Mizoram 1
19 Nagaland 1
20 Odisha 21
21 Punjab 13
22 Rajasthan 25
23 Sikkim 1
24 Tamil Nadu 39
25 Telangana 17
26 Tripura 2
27 Uttar Pradesh 80
28 Uttarakhand 5
29 West Bengal 42
30 Andaman and Nicobar 1
31 Chandigarh 1
32 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1
33 Daman and Diu 1
34 NCR, Delhi 7
35 Lakshadweep 1
36 Puducherry 1

The Lok Sabha chooses one of its elected members as their Speaker (Speaker), which is called the Speaker. In the operation of the President, the President is assisted by the Vice-President, whose election also elected members of the Lok Sabha. State wise Sansad seats in India 2019 will available soon. The Chairman is responsible for the conduct of the work in the Lok Sabha. Presently, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan.

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The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by the Lok Sabha members from mid-May. The Lok Sabha Speaker has two functions-
1. Presiding the Lok Sabha in order to maintain discipline and dignity in it, he is not liable in front of any court for this purpose

2. He is the administrative head of the Secretariat attached to the Lok Sabha but, in the role of this role, he will be liable before the court.

State wise Break up of MP seats in India 2019

When a joint session of both houses is convened, the speaker will be its president, if sub-applicant is absent, and if there is no, then the Rajya Sabha sub-chairman or any member nominated by the session is the chairman of the session. We will provide State wise Break up of MP seats in India here. Define money bill by the speaker, if the speaker does not attest to the bill, then the money bill will not be considered and the determination will be final and binding.

All parliamentary committees work under his subordination, when he is elected a member of any committee, he will be his ex officio. Total MP seats in India will be published soon. Even after the dissolution of the Lok Sabha, it continues to work on the speaker post to represent him, leaving the post of the new Lok Sabha elected.

When a new Lok Sabha is elected, the President appoints the member as an acting speaker, who has the longest experience of being a Member of Parliament. Official Total Lok Sabha seats in India State Wise 2019 will be published soon. She swears by the President. It has two functions of Swearing to the Parliament Members and The chairman of the new speaker election process also becomes the same.

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जैसा की हम जानते हैं की भारत में लोकसभा की 545 सीटे हैं जिनपर हर पांच साल में चुनाव होता हैं और  Total Lok Sabha seats in India State wise 2019 की सभी जानकारी आपको यहाँ मिल गयी हैं और आप हमसे जुड़े रहिये के माध्यम से ताकि आपको और खबरे मिलती रहे |

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